Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Lock, Stock and Barrel

Lock, Stock and Barrel
Crowne Plaza Hotel
King of Prussia, Pennsylvania

The Friends of Valley Forge Park is hosting a symposium this weekend (March 27-29) on the American Revolution. Guests will be staying at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Prussia, Pennsylvania which is a short distance from Valley Forge National Historical Park.

Well-known writers and historians such as Thomas Fleming, James L. Kochan and Tom McGuire will be in attendance. In addition to attending the lectures and programs at the hotel, a visit to Valley Forge and an exclusive look-behind-the-scenes of its museum is included in the weekend. More information about the weekend can be found here.

Subjects to be covered include programs on General George Washington, the making of the American Army and the roles played by African-Americans and women during America's War for Independence. All of these sessions are taught by experts in the field.

Unfortunately I won't be in attendance this weekend, but if I was there are two programs in particular that I would want to sit in on. (As it so happens, they are being held at the same time so I would have had to choose.)

The first program deals with the Lexington and Concord alarm of 19 April 1775 and it examines the primary evidence for the events of that day. Jim Hollister from Minute Man National Historical Park here in Massachusetts is the guest speaker.

The second program deals with the dress and accoutrement's of the British Army in Philadelphia in 1777. Here is the program description:

Howe’s Redcoats: The Dress and Military Equipage of the British Army during the 1777 Philadelphia Campaign. James L. Kochan presents the uniforms, arms, and personal gear of the British soldier during this session from initial procurement and issue to field modification, using 18th century records and correspondence, surviving artifacts, and period artwork.

This sounds like a great weekend for historians, teachers, reenactors and for anyone else interested in the history of the American Revolution. Maybe next year (if there is a similar event) I'll give a first-hand review of the weekend.

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